The Canton Cook II

Sandy Springs, GA is the perfect southern metropolitan city located in northern Georgia for some great locally owned and operated restaurants that offer outstanding cuisine with fair prices. With being north of Atlanta and in the metropolitan area the suburban city has the big city feel with the personal touch that a smaller city can offer.  The city is conveniently located off of two major highways that run through Georgia.  “When visiting or living in the area you are able to enjoy the warmth and comfort of the modern south, without the hassle of the major city issues” like my friend Steven from Peachtree Wrecker Service would say.  The city offers a wide variety of independently owned and operated retail establishments and restaurants.  Sandy Springs, GA takes pride in offering their southern hospitality to guests and also the locals. One of the biggest known attractions to the Sandy Springs, GA area is that the city is surrounded by parks and natural areas.   Sandy Springs, GA is the home of many wonderful restaurants, but none sticks out quite like the Chinese restaurant known as the Canton Cook II located on 6690 Roswell Road, Northeast, Suite 410.  With the Northside Tower located on the same road, it is hard to miss this place.  The city of Sandy Springs offers some warm summer evenings so come in and enjoy an appetizing menu that is sure to cure anyone’s craving for Asian cuisine.

Canton cook- exterior picThe Canton Cook II is that big city Chinese restaurant that everyone wants to go to without all the fancy prices that a staple city place would cost you.  With the restaurant being family owned and operated they know the importance of referring customers and repeat business.  This is what makes or breaks family owned restaurants. The staff is always friendly and have excellent table side manner.
The Canton Cook is a Chinese restaurant with authentic Chinese food and two locations. The two locations have identical menus, but the Canton Cook II on Roswell Road sets itself aside with outstanding customer service and their way to be very attentive to all the needs of their customers.  Even when presenting them with a large party of people including children the service is fast, the food is hot, and the dishes are clean.  They are very helpful and are even able to help with selecting dishes that will fit your taste. 

Their menu is very extensive and lists some of the best dishes that Asian food has to offer. The delicious food and awesome portion size set this restaurant aside from others in the city of Sandy Springs, GA.  This location is able to give you some of the best authentic Asian food outside of the larger city of Georgia, and some would even agree that it may even be the better.

They have a large menu that offers your standard Chinese/American dishes along with specialty of seafood choices. The daily specials are always great and are very well thought out and put together. Something that they offer that other may not is a variety of authentic Cantonese Noodle soups. Some have even compared this location to the big city deals like New York. It is important to have great food at a reasonable price and they have achieved that with bragging rights. This is the kinda place that people who love good food tell their friends to go and visit ASAP.ct cook menu

The food in a restaurant is the branding of the label just like the quality of the clothes makes the clothing line brand either a hit or a miss. Well, this restaurant is not only a hit with the locals but also the out of towners. With this restaurant location being easy to locate and great parking options it is a win-win situation for stopping by for a great meal.

The egg rolls are on point. egg rool- ct cook With their authentic Chinese recipe and special touch the egg rolls are hard to resist. They also offer a great house noodle soup that includes shrimp, chicken, squid, pork, and scallops with a bok choy cooked in a broth and noodles added. This is a special soup that will have you ordering it each time you visit. This is defiantly the place to try new things and get away from ordering the same old dish that you order at every Chinese restaurant every time that you go. Along with the noodle soups, they also have some interesting soups that you would not encounter at other large chain restaurants.

The chicken dishes are some of the best with great quality meat with a light batter that makes a chicken dish stand out.

Their shrimp is also a good choice. They are super fresh and are cooked perfectly each and every time.  If you are a big fan of the seafood dishes another great choice is the salt and pepper squid.salt and pepper squid- ct cook  It is lightly fried and then salted and peppered.  The enchanting little pieces will melt in your mouth one by one. It is one of those things that you can’t stop eating until it is all gone. 

One of the “must try” on the menu is the chicken and ginger pot pie. They serve it with a plate of vegetables that easily allow you to get two meals out of it. Another must try is the shrimp and black bean sauce. It is a sensational dish that will get all your taste buds going. They also offer a great hot tea that is free of charge. Now how can anyone beat that deal? With the large portion sizes and fair prices, how could you go wrong?  Most people are fans of the big city national sit-down chain Chinese restaurants, but after eating at the Canton Cook II you will think twice about going back to one of those. They also offer reservations for larger parties and to be honest, who would not like a service like that.

When visiting Sandy Springs, GA and looking for a place to dine go to the Canton Cook II you will not be disappointed.

Cheng Du Restaurant

I have visited a new Chinese restaurant on my list, Cheng-Du Restaurant from Mansfield, MA. This was a special night for us (me and my wife) as we were celebrating our 5th anniversary so I decided to surprise her with a party bus.

I have taken a lot of party buses before in my life, but never have I had quite the amazing experience as I did when taking Party Bus Boston to one of my favorite Chinese restaurants from now on, for a night on the town!

They totally exceeded all of my expectations, from friendliness of the driver, to the cleanliness of the bus and just the overall sense of professionalism. I couldn’t have been happier with how the night turned out. All of my friends definitely want to hire Party Bus Boston for their next events and I couldn’t recommend the company highly enough.

From the beginning of the night to that very first step onto the party bus everything was perfect! The music was just right and they played all of my favorite songs, we danced our way down the isles and sang at the top of our lungs while being taken to Cheng-Du and I was so happy with how everything turned out.

Party Bus Boston has some of the most luxurious vehicle rentals in the state and isn’t just about providing transportation, they are about providing you with the best possible party bus experience possible and that they did! I was so happy that I chose to go with this company over some of the other party bus companies in Boston because this one just seemed like the right fit!

If you are in Boston and looking to add an extra level of fun for your next event than Party Bus Boston is the way to go. I will be hiring them again and again, and the driver was so sweet and amazing I felt right at home on that party bus.

The ride was so smooth but the air was pure excitement as we drove to that restaurant and it was most due to the amazing services provided by this party bus company. Thanks Party Bus Boston!

The restaurant was clean, had a classy look. I liked that it had linen and tableware. The music wasn’t too loud and the waiters were friendly.

We were a party of 8 people and they handled it quite well. The drinks came fast but the entrée took around 15 minutes to be served.

salmonI have ordered the sweet and sour hot soup, my favorite and Teriyaki salmon.

My wife ordered Muscles. We all loved our food. But I guess it’s not just me by the amount of good reviews this Chinese restaurant has all over the internet. After we finished our dinner the owner Sonny Tang came to check if we were happy with their services. This was the cherry on the check for my special night.muscles

Cheng-Du Restaurant

249 N Main St
Mansfield, MA 02048
(508) 339-5946


Hunan Chinese Restaurant


Louisiana has no shortage of good restaurants to choose from. One of the best Chinese restaurants in the area is Hunan Chinese Restaurant. The restaurant received many awards over the years like overall excellence in the Top 100 Chinese restaurants in US in 2008. As proof of all the rewards they have received, the walls of the restaurant are decorated with them. From city papers, magazines to pictures of the owner Jeffrey Cheng with celebrities and politicians that dined in his restaurant.hunan chinese restaurant baton rouge

Hunan Chinese restaurant opened his doors in 1979 but moved to his present location in 1989. By that time Hunan Restaurant has already built itself a reputation of the first choice when it comes to Chinese restaurants.Hunan restaurant inside

This place is almost always packed with families enjoying a tasty buffet after Sunday church or just having a nice dinner.

The menu offered is filled with a lot of richly seasoned spicy food for all the spicy food lovers. The price is right. Not cheap for the quality and freshness of the food you receive but not expensive either.

Chou’s Kitchen

chou's kitchenChou’s Kitchen is specialized in unique Chinese cuisine, Dongbei cuisine to be exact, specific to northeastern China.
The restaurant is a humble eatery in a Chandler strip Mall, but the food served here is not that humble, in contrary. It is colorful and filled with distinctive flavours
The main diet here is a starch-heavy one. Dough is a part of almost every dish here. There is more focus on the dough then the rice because of the long winters in the region this cuisine comes from.dough based cuisine
Did you know that the temperature of the water can influence the dought’s suitability for certain types of dishes?
The hot water makes the dough flatter, and stronger, so it’s used when making stuffed dumplings. The cold water makes the dough rise more and it’s used in preparing meat pies
A big hit at Chou’s Kitchen is the so called “cold noodles”. They are served with cilantro, scallions, cucumber, peanuts and chilli pasta and trust me it’s not a humble dish at all!
When you visit Chou’s Kitchen you will have a real mandarin experience as the majority of the restaurants customers are mandarin speaking families. From babies to seniors you can find all age groups here, all excited to try a new dish
It is a wallet friendly place, which makes this culinary experience an affordable one. The food is homemade, simple and tastes like you would get it from China.

China Magic Noodle House

Did you know that there are over 40.000 Chinese restaurants in the U.S? Trust me it’s not easy to pick one to review.

My first pick will be a Chinese restaurant located in Chandler, Arizona, hidden in one of the shopping centers. It’s a clean and pleasant place. The walls are decorated with pictures of the foods from the menu.

China magic noodle restaurant

What so great about China Magic Noodle House? Let me tell you they make hand pulled noodles.

The biggest attraction is the big window to the kitchen from where you can see the chef create five different types of hand pulled noodles: thin, thick, wide, shaved and vegetable. The variety of preparation style: pan-fried, braised, in soups or chilled make’s you eat  something different every time you visit the restaurant. And the best thing is the chef makes them especially for you, for every individual order. Every time a new order comes in he grabs a piece of dough and starts working it into a thick loop, stretching and spinning it for the final result, your special order of noodles.

Another interesting thing in China Magic Noodle House’s menu is the spicy marinated pig ear wich is sliced so thin, almost translucent and it’s crunches when you chew it. Also, you have to try the Thin Sliced Spicy Pig Ears.pan fried dumplings filled with ginger- flecked pork and served with soy dip, crispy egg rolls, lamb noodle soups or the fried noodles.