pho huntersville, nc  What can be better than a good Vietnamese soup in the middle of a cold? Trust me it’s heaven. At least, the pho soups from Pho Ginseng in Huntersville, NC are. The herbal soups have the base made with ginseng that has not only the best flavor I have ever eaten but it has health benefits also. interior PHO ginseng Huntersville, NC

Pho is a beef bone broth that takes 10 hours of slow cooking process. The broth is made by simmering 20 pounds of beef bones, 10 pounds of flank steak, pear and white onion and herbs like cinnamon, black pepper, ginseng, black cardamom, ginger, coriander and others.01

The advantage of the cooking process is that the slow cooking will break down the bones and the connective tissues of the meat that leaves behind the collagen which are the most important cells to bones and the brain.

The restaurant has excellent reviews on every review site I have looked and now I know why.

We love this place!  Just recently discovered it, but I can see coming here on a weekly basis!
The number 37 is my favorite (the small is quite large) and I also get the spring rolls)
The staff is also very friendly and will give recommendations if you ask.
Everything is very authentic made in house, even their dumplings that always seem frozen and flash fried in other restaurants taste freshly made.
If you’re in the area and looking for a place to eat, it’s a must, you won’t be disappointed!

Jennifer T.

This place is awesome!! It’s been very hard for me to find pho this good!! And they give you so many options!
The service was friendly! I ordered the summer roll as an app and they were delicious!
chicken PHOI had the chicken pho and asked them to add extra veggies to it. It came out the just was I had ordered it!! The flavors were exactly as pho should be! The fresh basil that comes with the soup surprised me. It was absolutely beautiful!
Overall, I will be coming back here.

Joice H.

Was never a big fan of Vietnamese food and quite frankly didn’t know what to eat whilst looking at the menu, there was only one server working during the dinner shift yet he was attentive and recommended me the #24.

#24 A interesting noodle salad dish with grilled pork on in it. It was a very fresh and interesting dish, tho the server coached me on what sauces to put in it. Without a doubt I will be returning to try the other items on the menu in the near future!

Dan W.

I live in Huntersville and was very excited to see this place open. I have eaten here 8 times and the food (especially the vermicelli #24 ) is consistently delicious.  They opened about a month ago and they have fixed the service problems that they had in the first few days. Great place to eat Vietnamese. I am happy to be on their list of regulars!

John Q.

Hours of operation:

Mon- Sat: 11 am- 9 pm

Sunday 11 am – 8 pm

Address:    12905 Rosedale Hill Ave
Huntersville, NC 28078

Tel: (704) 992-2227



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