Louisiana has no shortage of good restaurants to choose from. One of the best Chinese restaurants in the area is Hunan Chinese Restaurant. The restaurant received many awards over the years like overall excellence in the Top 100 Chinese restaurants in US in 2008. As proof of all the rewards they have received, the walls of the restaurant are decorated with them. From city papers, magazines to pictures of the owner Jeffrey Cheng with celebrities and politicians that dined in his restaurant.hunan chinese restaurant baton rouge

Hunan Chinese restaurant opened his doors in 1979 but moved to his present location in 1989. By that time Hunan Restaurant has already built itself a reputation of the first choice when it comes to Chinese restaurants.Hunan restaurant inside

This place is almost always packed with families enjoying a tasty buffet after Sunday church or just having a nice dinner.

The menu offered is filled with a lot of richly seasoned spicy food for all the spicy food lovers. The price is right. Not cheap for the quality and freshness of the food you receive but not expensive either.

Most of the reviews this restaurant has are positive. Of course you will find some negative ones too about the waitress that didn’t refilled the drinks or the one that forgot to bring out the fortune cookies but this can happen to any restaurant.

I have enjoyed my dining experience here so I highly recommend this place.

Nice little buffet for Sunday afternoon. Two visits now and have been pleased both visits.

Price is right. Food is fresh and of good quality overall, nice variety of dishes and really cool Chinatown type atmosphere.

$9.95 plus drink, Community Iced Tea. Soft serve ice cream and Chinese doughnuts for dessert.cream chese donuth

No sushi on this one, strictly Chinses style Asian. They do have a sushi bar and hibachi place on site too but separate from Hunan.

Will be back and also want to try the Hibachi.

Keith M.


I really hate when people say I’ve had Chinese in such and such large diverse city and…  Well, I’ve had Chinese food in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Marseilles France, and Munich Germany and I came here last night for dinner and was pleasantly surprised.

Parking is an issue here so be mindful that there is a rear entrance to the restaurant from the parking in the rear of the building.  The service was brisk and pleasant and the décor was…interesting (they’ve gone all out with the pictures of semi-known people that come into the restaurant).

I ordered the hot and sour soup, chicken wing appetizer, and hot and sour pork. Hot and sour soup The soup was some of the most delicious that I’ve ever had and it was served with fresh, crisp wontons.  The chicken wings were delicious!  Fresh, hot and seasoned with a nice brine before hand.  The hot and sour pork was a delicious fried pork with a delicious sauce!

This is the best Chinese restaurant that I’ve been to in Baton Rouge since moving here in April and I will make sure to keep Hunan Chinese restaurant in regular rotation.

Dominic E.


I have lived in Baton Rouge for almost 12 years now, and I’ve always heard of Hunan. My friends used to work their while attending college. So when my father mentioned he wanted to go there for dinner, I was ready to give it a try.

It is a known establishment on Sherewood Forest next to popular pub, The Londoner. The parking in front is usually full, but there are additional parking in the back. The interior is a bit out dated, but gives you that same feeling of Chinese restaurants you see in films during the 70s-80s. Yes, the kind where Jackie Chan can be seen filming in. Oh, but wait! I didn’t pay particular attention, but over 40+ pics of famous people that have stopped by…can be seen lining the walls. I’m sure Jackie Chan is on there somewhere. Lol

Bo Bo platterWe started our dinner with an order of Bo Bo platter; a mix of their top appetizers surrounding a nice little fire pit to “BBQ” your food. I love interactive food! We also order their pork and eggplants, spicy Hunan shrimp and scallop, combination lo mein and an extra order of shrimp toast. The eggplant is a dish I like to order that Chinese restaurants because Asian eggplants are much more firm than typical eggplants, so the dish wasn’t soggy. My dad’s favorite was definitely the shrimp toast. Since my dad was a chef/owner of a Chinese restaurant for over 20 years, he appreciate that the shrimp toast wasn’t standard commercial frozen order, but home made!

Overall, the food was good but not spectacular. The flavors were traditional Hunan-Schezuan Chinese cooking. So why the 3 stars? Management and service was horrible. We walked in to the restaurant, to one of the server arguing with the manager. We stood there for a little before they acknowledged us. We stood there even a bit longer while they BOTH debated who should bring us to the table. The second issue: our server. He was new…like 3 days new. He could not give us any general recommendations and barely knew the menu. He also confirmed that he has never actually dined there before getting hired. Hunan is connected to Ginza sushi, and offers their customer the choice to order from Japanese and/or Chinese no matter which side they are eating at. I asked for the sushi menu…which was finally brought to me well after all the food was brought out. So, no sushi for me. 🙁  We had to ask for utensils AND plates.

Kay V.

Hours of operation:

Mon-Thur 11 am- 10 pm

Fri- Sat 11 am- 11 pm

Sun 11 am- 9:30 pm

Address: 4215 S Sherwood Forest Blvd
Ste 6
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
               Tel: (225) 292-4462


hunan meniuhunan menu

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