chou's kitchenChou’s Kitchen is specialized in unique Chinese cuisine, Dongbei cuisine to be exact, specific to northeastern China.
The restaurant is a humble eatery in a Chandler strip Mall, but the food served here is not that humble, in contrary. It is colorful and filled with distinctive flavours
The main diet here is a starch-heavy one. Dough is a part of almost every dish here. There is more focus on the dough then the rice because of the long winters in the region this cuisine comes from.dough based cuisine
Did you know that the temperature of the water can influence the dought’s suitability for certain types of dishes?
The hot water makes the dough flatter, and stronger, so it’s used when making stuffed dumplings. The cold water makes the dough rise more and it’s used in preparing meat pies
A big hit at Chou’s Kitchen is the so called “cold noodles”. They are served with cilantro, scallions, cucumber, peanuts and chilli pasta and trust me it’s not a humble dish at all!
When you visit Chou’s Kitchen you will have a real mandarin experience as the majority of the restaurants customers are mandarin speaking families. From babies to seniors you can find all age groups here, all excited to try a new dish
It is a wallet friendly place, which makes this culinary experience an affordable one. The food is homemade, simple and tastes like you would get it from China.

“My parents are regulars here. The restaurant has a family owned feel. The decor is simple, nothing special per se. The waitress is super friendly and welcoming, she actually remembers my family and enjoys chatting with us.
Their service is quick and efficient, food is pretty authentic.
Beef patties chives pattiesI wasn’t too impressed with the beef patties/pies (not sure what it’s called in English lol) 牛肉馅饼 because it was kind of sour, which is strange to me. The chives pattie was on point though (韭菜合子) !!!

dumpling soup Loved the soup dumplings too, better than most places I’ve been too. The jalapeño potatoes were yummy, the eggplant was average (kind of oily). I also loved the lamb skewers, they were perfectly seasoned and tender! Overall a great experience and such a relief that Arizona has legit Chinese food :)”

Huamei Y

Chou’s kitchen is a nice little Chinese restaurant that specializes in food from the Dong bei or north eastern part of China. The foods are generally things like dumplings, the beef/pork pie, spicy lamb skewers, green onion pancakes, sour cabbage soup and many other foods that are similar to the items listed above.

Must orders: lamb skewers and either the beef or pork pie
Highly recommended: green onion pancakes, pan fried chive dumpling, dumplings/pot stickers, Xiao long bao, sour cabbage soupSpicy Water boiled fish chou's kitchen

Most of my recommendations are appetizer sized so order one or order a few! The meat pies come in 3’s”

George C.

YEEEEEEESSSSS. Finally, some awesome soup dumplings in Phoenix!!! Not some chewy-skinned dried up semblance of one, which I have found at other Chinese restaurants.

The moment we sat down, we ordered some xiaolongbao while we perused the menu. Our main goal was to eat soup dumplings, so we just ordered a beef/vegetable noodle entree as a complementary dish. The noodles were fine, nothing special.

dumplings Chou s KitchenAs we awaited our first order of xiaolongbao, we enjoyed watching one of the ladies hand make the dumplings at the counter. It only increased our anticipation. When the dumplings finally came out with vinegar + ginger, I was so happy! You can be certain no other place I tried in Phoenix automatically brought this sauce out–I  would have to ask for vinegar separately!

They tasted great. Is it the best xiaolongbao I’ve ever had? No, but they were damn good regardless and certainly the best I’ve had in Phoenix. The broth in the dumpling was very savory, the skin wasn’t too thick or dry and the filling was delicious.

Their entrees are reasonably priced too. We’ll be back 🙂 Thank you Chou’s Kitchen!

Grace O.

Here is their MenuChou s Kitchen meniu pg1Chou s Kitchen meniu pg2



Hours of operation:

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 11:00 am9:00 pm

Wed- Closed


Chou’s Kitchen is located on 910 Alma School Road, Chandler, AZ


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