Did you know that there are over 40.000 Chinese restaurants in the U.S? Trust me it’s not easy to pick one to review.

My first pick will be a Chinese restaurant located in Chandler, Arizona, hidden in one of the shopping centers. It’s a clean and pleasant place. The walls are decorated with pictures of the foods from the menu.

China magic noodle restaurant

What so great about China Magic Noodle House? Let me tell you they make hand pulled noodles.

The biggest attraction is the big window to the kitchen from where you can see the chef create five different types of hand pulled noodles: thin, thick, wide, shaved and vegetable. The variety of preparation style: pan-fried, braised, in soups or chilled make’s you eat  something different every time you visit the restaurant. And the best thing is the chef makes them especially for you, for every individual order. Every time a new order comes in he grabs a piece of dough and starts working it into a thick loop, stretching and spinning it for the final result, your special order of noodles.

Another interesting thing in China Magic Noodle House’s menu is the spicy marinated pig ear wich is sliced so thin, almost translucent and it’s crunches when you chew it. Also, you have to try the Thin Sliced Spicy Pig Ears.pan fried dumplings filled with ginger- flecked pork and served with soy dip, crispy egg rolls, lamb noodle soups or the fried noodles. They are delicious.

As my favorite thing to eat at a Chinese restaurant is soup ( you can’t compare the oriental soup with anything in this world….or maybe just with Hungarian soups) I couldn’t skip the diversity of soups that China Magic Noodle has on his menu. They have eight types of steaming hot soups, filled with vegetables and a meat of your choice, topped with cilantro.

You can have a tasty lunch or dinner at China Magic Noodle House and not spend a fortune. All their food on the menu are under $10 and let me assure you the portions are a pretty good size too. How cool is that?

These guys must be doing an awesome job as they have excellent reviews all over the internet:


review 4






Here is their menu if you want to take a look before going in there to order, just don’t go in there on Monday because that the only day when they are closed.

Menu frontside

Menu backside

The hours of operation are:  Monday- closed

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- 11 am-9.30 pm

Friday, Saturday: 11am-10 pm

Sunday : 11am-9.30pm

hours of operation

If you happen to be in Chandler, Arizona don’t forget to visit China Magic Noodle House for the best oriental meal in the Valey.

China Magic Noodle House

2015 N Dobson Road,

Chandler, Arizona


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